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Web Interface Now Available for
by Greggory Heil.  January 25, 2012

The universal video service is now available within the UI, Watch Folder, and API.   All prepay or monthly customers can now chose the new video preset "" to give this new innovative and powerful new service a test spin.

4 great reasons to use

1. Implement an advanced mobile video strategy:  

Today's commercial online video platforms typically transcode your source video into only 3-4 formats to cover popular smart phones.  This least common denominator approach saves your video provider a lot of money in storage and transcoding costs but alienates a huge percentage of your mobile audience. transcodes your video into 24 different formats and uses powerful device detection to deliver the correct video to 6000 smart phones, feature phones, and tablets.

2.  HTML 5 video strategy simplified

The simplicity and elegance of a  HTML 5 video strategy is attractive at first glance however upon deeper review requires a significant amount of preparation.  Each of the HTML5 video compatible browsers  support a different video codec (Safari/H.264, Chrome/WEBM/, Firefox/Ogg) and those that don't support HTML5 video (Internet Explorer) need a Flash fallback. simplifies all of this by automatically transcoding your video into the necessary HTML5 video formats and handles all necessary browser detection.

3. QR Code direct to mobile video
QR Codes are an innovative way to seamlessly integrate online media with offline print campaigns.  If your QR codes link directly to static web pages your are losing yours audiences attention by forcing them to read text on a mobile device.  If your QR code links to a standard video player you are delivering a less than optimal video experience for all of the tablets, feature phones and smart phones.  If you send your QR codes to short links you can rest assured that the majority of your audience has a high quality full screen viewing experience of your content.

4. Because includes advanced features you didn't even know you needed: includes Apple's iOS Advanced HLS Streaming:  When a compatible iOS devices visit your powered video we do not simply serve up a single bitrate iOS compatible video file. prepares your video for both an iPad and iPhone adaptive bitrate stream.  Apple's HLS Streaming prepares your video into 4 bitrates each in 10 second segments and will dynamically serve the bitrate most appropriate to the bandwidth of the individual client.  This means that if a user has a high bandwidth environment they can enjoy beautiful high bitrate video content on their iPad and if another user is trying to watch the same video on a 3G connection they will have a smooth video experience watching a lower bitrate version instead of the dreaded stuttering and stopping.

A future proof your mobile device strategy:  New smartphones and tablets are hitting the market at a rapid pace. When the universal video service is deployed you can sit back and rest assured that we will automatically update your library to support popular new devices.  Anyone spend the holiday season transcoding your video library into the Kindle Fire's optimal format?  Don't worry has you covered.

Your CDN Choice: supports both the Amazon CloudFront CDN service as well as the Akamai CDN, you can chose which CDN you want to use on a per video basis.

Additional charges apply when using see our pricing table for more details. usage charges will appear on your usage invoice on the first day of each month for usage during the previous month. is also available as a standalone API based service

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