Important updates and random but relevant thoughts. API Statistics Now Available
by Greggory Heil.  February 02, 2012

It took us a little bit more time than expected to get it out the door the "right" way however we are now very pleased to announce the availability of a analytics package delivering detailed browser and mobile device statistics via the new API call GetStatistics   We built the analytics platform on Cassandra and join a growing number of companies (e.g  Facebook, Digg) who have deployed Cassandra to manage enormous amounts of data.  The analytics package provides a deep analysis of your mobile device audience by providing viewership data on over 6000 mobile devices and tablets. analytics is available as a webservice via our API allowing you to customize this data to meet your organization's individual needs and easily integrate the realtime data into your existing systems and media workflow. analytics data can be pulled for a single url, group of urls, or account wide on any date interval. Below is the data we are returning for a mobile device as well as web view:

                <col>Vendor</col>  (Desktop or Mobile)
                <col>Model</col>  (Mobile Device Manufacturer, Apple)
                <col>Platform</col>  (Mobile Brand, iPhone )
                <col>OS</col> (Operating System, Windows)
                <col>Browser</col> (Browser, Firefox)
                <col>Browser Ver</col> (Browse,  9.0.1)
                <col>Hits</col> (Number of video plays)

And just one more thing...we have just also released a new API call UpdateMedia  This function allows users to update the source media for a that has already been created.  This scenario occurs when a is published or hardcoded and the preference is to reuse the same url as opposed to creating a new one.  This function also supports our new vanity URL feature which allows customers to reserve a vanity, for example and continue to update it with new and relevant video content.

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