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by Greggory Heil.  January 25, 2011

Today`s innovative world of smart phones, tablets, and HTML5 browsers has made it challenging for all of us to publish a video that can be watched anywhere and everywhere. Different devices and browsers require different video codecs and screen sizes require a video to be converted into to many different formats and sizes. With you simply give us your video and we give you back a universal video url that will play your video absolutely everywhere. Here is how it works: You tell us where your source video is (FTP/Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles, or Upload from your HD) We transcode and store your video into over a dozen video formats and sizes We return to you send you a short url for your video (e.g When a user visits a url we automatically detect the device or browser type and deliver the correctly formatted video from a high quality CDN network.

Learn more about by watching our video, learn about how to use your on your website , or create your own url today!

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Posted by Rick.    March 25, 2011:

I am very interested in your vidly service. Are you ready to bring this to market right now? Do you have some pricing for me to see?

If you are not ready yet, do you need some beta testers?

FYI, on your encoding page that you watch when your video is being encoded, you say: “Creating Blackberry versions of your video Curve, Storm, Tour” but you don’t mention “Bold”

Thank you very much for your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. This service is exactly what I have been looking for and would like to start utilizing it right away.



Posted by Manuel.    March 26, 2011:

great work team!

I made kind of the same like your service for my company (web agency) for our CMS. Took me a month and now it’s finished :D Not bragging, rather saying that it’s really interesting work.

I see you’re using video.js too - nice to see wink

Keep on with your good work,

Posted by Jeff Deuitch.    March 29, 2011:


I tested the system once and I have to say that I am impressed with the quality when viewing on my video blog site, which is in development.

Couple of quick feedbacks issues:
1. I submitted a short intro animation we will be using for our show.  It was sent as an uncompressed AVI at 720 X 480 widescreen (1.21 pixel aspect ratio).  While I am not sure, I am guessing that the final video shown by was displayed as 720 X 480 square px.  The image was slightly distorted via being streched tall.

My questions is:  does your system recognize wide pixels and encode to the appropriate overall screen proportions?  For 720 X 480 wide pixels, correct proportions in square pixels would be about 850 X 480.  Does your system make this conversion?

I have sent another version of the same file converted to square pixels and it is presently coding.  Should we first convert to square px for accurate scaling by your system?

2. Embed Code:  I inadvertantly deleted the embed code from our blog and would like to retrieve it back again. I am not sure how to find it on your system.  Do we need to copy it to a text document on our computer, or can it be retrieved from your system later?

3. When uploading a file to your system, there is no status indicator to let me know that your system is working.  When I clicked to see your demo video then used the back arrow to go back to the page where we uploaded, there was a new upload screen and details of our prvious upload we not visible.  How to I get the embed code for the previous video?

Many thanks for your help, your system looks promising and I would be interested in the premium service.

Jeff in Palmetto, FL

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