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Chose between Akamai or CloudFront delivery.
by Greggory Heil.  April 15, 2011

People are passionate about Content Delivery Networks and choice is good, that is why we have just added the support via the API to chose between delivery of your video from the Akamai CDN network with storage provided by Rackspace CloudFiles or AWS CloudFront delivery with storage on S3.   The wait for public availability of API and our 100% usage based pricing model is almost over, early May is our current launch window.  Thank you to everyone for your kind feedback and questions....keep them coming!





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Posted by Jeff in Palmetto.    April 19, 2011:

I this to say that upolads will no longer be accepted?

I just tried to perform an upload of a file and was met with an error message each time.  if this is the case, then will the same be true with http, or ftp file locations?

I have not used either of the services described in your blog entry. I set up an AWS account, but could not figure out how to use it and gave up. I am not a developer I am afraid.  It is definitely does not have a standard video upload interface.

I hope that your pricing structure will be reasonable, since our videos are about 20-30 minutes with a compressed file size of around 250-300 MB and we would hope to be in 200-400 weekly viewings.  Usage based pricing scares me when large data transfers are possible.

Anyhow, just my priorities and may not represent the priorities of others.

If the “upload” or other file options are no longer functional, can you please remove them from the UI?


Jeff in Palmetto, FL

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