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A Monday Release
by Greggory Heil.  February 13, 2012

We pushed this nice little upgrade to today, here is what was included.

Drastic speed improvements on video load time.  We had some complaints about multi second load time of vidlys and reworked the logic of the device detection to be significantly faster.  Our qualitative testing has shown some big improvements, we will share any quantitative metrics when we have them available.  Please send us your feedback on the video load times.

Automatically upgrade a free to a paid  Now any free owner can visit their url /upgrade  (e.g and add billing information to convert their free to a paid  This feature is useful when a user creates a, runs into their free 50GB limit monthly bandwidth limit and wants to convert it to a paid account. 

Not bad for a Monday, now on to the rest of the week

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